Choosing the Right Manufacturer and Fabric

Our next step in creating our brand was finding a manufacturer that wanted to work with us and believed that we had a good idea. The first step that I took was signing up for Maker’s Row. Maker’s Row is a website where you can search for all kinds of different manufacturers based on what you’re trying to make. I researched and read reviews of all the different kinds of manufacturers on there. If one of them stood out to me, I went to their website and looked around, and reached out to them with an email. There are probably hundreds of manufacturers I reached out to and only heard back from 5 of them.
After researching and setting up consultation calls with each manufacturer, I wrote a list of pros and cons of each and narrowed it down by who was in budget and who wasn’t. As I mentioned in the first blog, we had to be smart with our money to make this work. After many late nights narrowing the list down, we finally picked one! We set up another consultation call and signed the papers, and got to work!
The next step in the process was sending the manufacturer an inspiration piece and finding the perfect fabric we wanted our jogger pants to be made. Our manufacturer sent us a list of fabric sources to help out! I reached out to a lot of them and got samples. We knew we either wanted the pants to be made out of polyester or nylon-but we weren’t sure on which route to take. To get a better idea of things, I made a survey of 10 questions to see what the people wanted. My husband and I sent the survey to everyone we knew and made them share it with everyone they knew. We thought we would only get like 25-50 responses, and we got 128 responses! It was great to see the feedback, and some of the responses really surprised me!
After reading the responses, I got a better idea of what fabric route we should go with the jogger pants, and we reached out to one of the fabric sourcing stores to see what they offered, and they sent us tons and tons of samples! The best part was the customer service was great, and the fabric samples were FREE! I won’t share what fabric we decided to go with, so I suppose you’ll have to wait and see until you purchase your own pair of joggers! 😏
Thanks for reading another post, and stay tuned to see what comes next in the process!
-Leslye Young

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