Coming Up with a Name and Slogan

Welcome back, friends!
Coming up with a name for the brand has probably been the most challenging part. There are so many brand names out there, and we knew we needed to come up with something that made us stand out and tie back to our story.
We both knew that we wanted to make an athleisure and lifestyle brand and wanted to create a clothing brand where people would feel their best selves wearing our brand. When people think about the word “Young,” they feel like they have all the energy in the world as they did when they were a kid growing up. I just happened to marry into a family with the last name Young so I got lucky to tie in the family name. When I thought of “Staying Young,” it clicked. What better way to feel your best self than to think about being young again!
Now that I had a name, I needed a slogan. It’s hard coming up with something as significant as “Just Do It.” or “Doing Things” from companies Nike and Outdoor Voices. I kept thinking of our message of the brand and what it meant for me. There’s been a stigma for years that you have to be skinny or “fit” to wear athleisure and lifestyle clothing, and that’s not the case. I want people to wear who they are with our brand and make them feel their best self, so we settled on “wear who you are” for our slogan.
Staying Young combines the best qualities of an athleisure and lifestyle line into wear who you are body-positive clothing brand. See, it all just flows.

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