Features of the SY Jogger

As we're getting closer and closer to releasing our first designer piece, the SY Jogger, we want to give you all the features of what makes it unique. What makes it different from Lululemon, Athleta, or other brands?
I can't tell you what goes into their products or how they created their brand from the ground up, but I can tell you about mine. Staying Young might not get as big as Lululemon or Athleta, but I can promise you it's the same quality and hard work that goes into creating our brand. We may be a team of 2, but we wanted to create something unique and different and allow our customers to feel their best selves while wearing Staying Young.
Long-Hidden Seam Pockets
  • The first feature of the SY Jogger is long hidden seam side pockets. These pockets allow plenty of space for accessories while you're on the go or working out. When designing these joggers, I wanted to make sure that the pocket seams were hidden. Hidden seam pockets allow these to look dressier if a customer wants to dress these up for a special event.
100% Made out of Recyclable Fabric
  • You're probably thinking, how are these made out of recyclable fabric? Our fabric supplier offers Repreve® fabric, one of the most certified eco-friendly fibers available globally. The high-quality knits are made out of plastic bottles and post-consumer materials. I wanted to learn what it took to be a more sustainable brand because conserving water and using recycled fabric interested me. I just thought it was extremely cool making something that was something totally different before.
Moisture Wicking
  • Not only is the fabric recyclable it's also moisture-wicking. If you aren't quite sure what that means, don't worry, I didn't either until I researched. I know I have heard the terms over and over while shopping for clothes in that past, thinking, "ok, that's cool, but what does it mean?" The moisture-wicking fabric allows the fabric to transport sweat away from your skin, and then it dries quickly. Does this work? Yes, it does. When I got my first sample back, I tried them and immediately went and did a Peloton ride. If you've done a ride before, you know you can sweat even during a low-impact ride. These joggers felt like I was wearing leggings, and when I got done, there was no sweat anywhere on my legs.
High-waist Band
  • Now, this is probably my favorite feature of the SY Jogger. This high-waist and tummy-controlled band hit differently than other high-waist leggings or pants I have worn. These don't slide down during workouts or while on the go. Like I said before, I wore the first sample during a workout, and they didn't slide or roll down once. I wore the second sample on a plane traveling back from vacation, and they were the most comfortable things I have ever worn while traveling. I may be biased, but you'll be able to test them out soon.
  • When you think of joggers, you probably think of loungewear or activewear, but the SY Jogger will be able to dressy too. When designing these joggers, I wanted all the seams to be hidden, so if a customer wanted to wear these to the office, they could. I love being stylish and comfortable at the same time, so that's why I wanted to create something that you could have both! You will be able to wear these to your kid's ball game, to brunch with friends, a night out with the girls, or just on a Sunday lunch with family. I wanted these to be worn everywhere and anywhere.
Four-Way Stretch
  • Give me all the stretchy clothes! I love to be comfortable, and there's nothing better than wearing something that has a slight stretch to it so you feel like you can breathe in your clothes. This fabric has a triple threat... Recyclable, moisture-wicking, and 4-way stretch. The 4-way stretch allows you to have complete comfort and is perfect for any workout or physical activity.
Another cool feature that I haven't hit on is that these are 100% made in the USA and made by a women-owned manufacture, and I think that is super cool and something to be incredibly proud of as a fashion designer.
If you've made it this far in this blog, I appreciate you. The support from customers, family, and friends has been amazing, and I wouldn't be able to do this without them. That's all for now, and I hope you're getting excited as we are because we'll have a pre-order release date for you soon. I promise.
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