How to Style Biker Shorts

If you're like me, you're on the fence about the new biker short look! Today, I am going to give you some styling tips on what to style them with to boost your confidence!
Make a Statement Look
In the heat of summer you might be looking for some shorts to work out in instead of leggings. Biker shorts are leggings, just shorter. Style them with a sports bra for the full workout look! The Endurance Biker Shorts have a tapered waist band that makes sure they don't ride up or fall down during your workout! They also have side pockets to carry all your accessories to keep your hands free.
Layer It Up
Who doesn't love a good "layer it up" look? Just like wearing an oversized top or sweatshirt with your leggings, it's for sure acceptable to do the same with Biker Shorts. For post workout or when the sun sets, our lightweight, cool, and comfortable Throw It On & Go Top will be the perfect final touch for a "layer it up" look with the biker shorts.
I hope these two styling tips help out and boost your confidence to rock these Endurance Biker Shorts. You can find the direct link to them below!
Life's too "short", spoil yourself ;)

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