The Waiting Game

Hi friends, have you ever been so excited about something, and then you have to wait and wait and wait for it to happen? That’s where we are with Staying Young.
Once we received our prototype from our manufacturer, we went over a fitting and then sent changes back to the manufacturer. Once they receive the changes, they make the changes to the tech pack and then send the prototype and modifications to the manufacturer in New York to get the first sample made of our fabric. This is where the waiting game has begun…
It’s almost like buying all your friends and family Christmas or birthday presents a month early before you can give them to them. You know that feeling where you’re so excited for something, but you have to sit and wait… that’s the feeling we have had for the past month!
I can’t wait to show you guys what’s to come, and thanks for reading another blog post! I hope to have more updates about our first sample soon, so stay tuned!
… we’ve taken the break to start creating our next pieces and are excited to share that news with you as well!
-Leslye Young

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